EP 31: Ali Levine - Started From the Bottom (Her Own Closet) Now She's Up..... Dressing Celebrities


We hear about people having really awesome jobs and we think, "Wow, their life must be glamourous." That's instantly what I thought when I met Ali Levine and heard that she's a celebrity stylist. She must get to pick through endless amounts of fabulous clothing and then pick out the best outfits for some of the world's coolest people.

But her hustle is real. She worked really hard. And beyond that, she didn't give up. Today's episode, Ali shares what it's like to break into an industry and build a career in it from the ground up.

Ali started Ali Levine Design working on movie sets and with celebrities. Ali’s work can be seen on Fran Drescher’s Happily Divorced, In Time with Justin Timberlake, Kanye West’s World Throne Tour, X-Men First Class, New Girl, and much more.

We chat about:

*How to dress for your body as it changes or as you change as a person

*What it's like to be a celebrity stylist

*Things you should know before you dive into a new industry

*Why confidence is the best accessory you could ever have

*Advice for those who want to grow in their careers

*What it's like being a stylist on movie sets and for for celebrities

*Why you need to show up and work hard at your career.

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