Episode 18: Amber Rollo - What We Talk About When We Talk About Death

After dealing with the loss of both her parents at a young age, Amber knew her life would look much different than that of her peers. In this episode, Amber Rollo, comedian and host of the podcast Daddy-less Issues, opens up about loss, finding the humor in life through the tragedies, and how to be there for a loved one despite not always knowing what to say.

This episode includes:

  • Amber opens up about the taboo topic of death and losing her parents at a young age

  • The recently developed habit Amber goes through each morning

  • Amber talks about the beginning of her career journey in the comedy world

  • Comedy is not for the faint of heart! Amber relives her first few experiences on stage.

  • Amber talks about being a female comedian in a male dominated industry

  • Opening up conversations about loss and opening up the definition of the word “orphan”

  • Learning the her mother had breast cancer at the young age of 9 and the rollercoaster of emotion that followed

  • Amber talks about the process of mourning as a middle schooler

  • Amber talks about her dad’s heart attack and leaning on her 4 sisters through the loss of her two parents

  • Amber’s mental health struggles: how depression snuck up on her following trauma

  • Jen and Amber discuss how to be there for a loved one despite not always knowing what to say

  • Amber talks about her podcast: Daddy-less Issues

  • Biological family vs “logical” family. Choosing the people we spend time with

  • Speed round: what Amber initially wanted to be when she grew up