Episode 23: Amy Chan - How to Handle Heartbreak & Take Care of Yourself


Amy Chan is the founder of the popular relationship and love blog Just My Type, where she fuses together psychology and science to break down the things we experience in love and heartache. Her valuable advice in this episode includes tips on how to identify and break through unhealthy relationship cycles and practical ways to create positive shifts in how we approach relationships. She's also the founder of Renew Breakup Bootcamp.

This episode includes:

  • The spark behind Amy’s website and how she used her heartache as inspiration to create something new

  • Amy’s experience in writing about topics that come with a lot of shame

  • Jen and Amy talk about having the courage to deal with tough topics and talk about them publicly

  • Rejection as a numbers game -- the challenge of applying this strategy to dating and love

  • Amy defines our “Chemistry Radars” and how they are influenced by our childhood

  • Rewiring our brains and reworking unhealthy patterns to find healthy relationships

  • How Amy combines psychology and science in her work

  • Jen and Amy talk the pain of breakups and the grieving process that follows

  • Amy talks managing your heart and the positive things that can come out of a breakup

  • Taking the high road and reframing stories of victimization into opportunities

  • What Amy’s Breakup Bootcamp retreat is all about (hint: breaking patterns, not man-bashing)

  • The healing that comes from connecting with others through our pain

  • Speed Round: The advice Amy would tell herself at age 22, and what she’s working on next!

Learn more about Amy at Just My Type or Renew Breakup Bootcamp.