EP 25: Belma Mccaffrey - What to Do When You Don't Like Your Job (Founder, Work Bigger)


Do you love your job? This is a question this week’s guest has been asking for years! Belma McCaffrey is the founder of Work Bigger, and online education and mentorship program helping 20 to 30-somethings find their mission and love their work. In this episode, Belma gives advice on getting real about your successes, failures, fears, and desires in order to identify a career path you love -- even if it’s different from the one you’re currently in!

This episode includes:

  • Belma describes her career development platform and her passion for helping people find the jobs of their dreams

  • Belma reflects on her own struggles with feeling out of place in a career

  • Why Belma thinks our education system fails us in exploring our career options

  • Belma talks about which steps someone can take to identify the right career path for them

  • Why some of Jen’s best advice to her friends includes the phrase “mess up your life”

  • Belma shares her experience with cutting back from full-time to part-time to pursue her other passions

  • Jen reflects on her own experiences quitting and being laid off from jobs

  • Jen and Belma talk about when to know it’s time to leave your job, and how to leave your job in a smart way

  • How getting in touch with her own fears helped Belma find the career she truly wanted

  • Belma’s advice for people who want to switch to a completely different job, even though they’ve put a lot of years into their current one

  • Jen and Belma discuss finding the balance between work and rest, and the importance of listening to your intuition

Learn more about Work Bigger here.