Episode 17 - Brett Novek: It's OK to Ask for Help.


Today’s guest is an actor/model turned clothing designer who started a clothing line in his Father’s memory after he passed away in 2011. In this episode, Brett gets real about figuring out owning your own business and the importance of not being afraid to ask for help along the way.

This episode includes:

  • Jen talks about stumbling upon the Good hYOUman clothing line

  • Brett talks about his dad’s legacy and the inspiration behind his business

  • Where Brett found the courage and motivation to try new things, even when he felt like a fish out of water

  • Brett’s experience going to his first tradeshow in vegas. Spoiler alert: it was a huge success!

  • Jen and Brett talk about why we should leave wiggle room in our goals and dreams

  • Brett talks about the importance of testing the waters and not jumping too quickly on social media trends

  • When to ask for help and why Brett believes most people want to help

  • The funny story behind how “Good hYOUman” got its name

  • Brett talks about giving life to other people’s stories through Good Hyouman

  • Brett shares some of the experiences that have shaped his life the most

  • The first T-shirt slogan Brett ever screenprinted and why it’s important to him

  • Brett talks about his past experience with reality TV -- you won’t believe the name of the show he was on!

  • Speed round: Why Brett advises you say “yes” to everything!

Check out good hYOUman here!