Episode 21: Dani Katz - How to Use Words to Influence Others & How You Feel About Yourself

Updated: Aug 6, 2018


Today’s episode features word expert and literary talent Dani Katz. Dani teaches us all about language: how we use it, how we abuse it, and how it can be a powerful tool for shaping not only people’s perception of us, but the perception of ourselves.

This episode includes:

  • Dani describes her morning routine and why she wakes up when most are still sleeping

  • Swimming 50 laps: how a broken leg lead Dani to her new favorite exercise and mind release

  • Learning to be alone with ourselves and the advice Dani has for people who have anxiety about diving into their thoughts

  • Dani talks about her experience in journalism and interning at CNN

  • Too sensitive for the weight of the world: how Dani struggled working in the news industry

  • Dani and Jen discuss why every word truly matters

  • How we can use words to help -- and sometimes sabotage -- ourselves

  • Dani and Jen discuss why saying “I’m not afraid” is worse than saying “I am courageous”.

  • Quantum Languaging and evaluating our speech: what words to never say and why

  • Jen talks about her use of the words “actually” and “sorry”, and why she’s trying to stop them

  • Dani tells us why its just as important to evaluate the how we speak to ourselves as is to evaluate how we speak to others

  • The reason Dani sometimes rejects apologies

  • Dani gives us tools to recognize and reframe negative self talk

  • Speed round: the big things Dani wants to do next

You can learn more about Dani Katz here and grab a copy of her book here!