Episode 22: Devon Smiley - How to Negotiate to Get What You Want & What You Deserve


Today’s guest excels in a world many of us fear or even dread. No, not a trip to the gynecologist or figuring out who is paying on a first date; today we’re talking monetary negotiations! Devon Smiley is a negotiation consultant and speaker with over 15 years of experience. She’s closed 5 billion dollars of commercial contracts as a lead negotiator and is here today to give us the inside scoop of how to ask for (and get) what we want in life!

This episode includes:

  • How Devon got into negotiation consulting

  • Devon talks the importance of relationship building and how to have healthy conversations about money

  • The “New School” way of negotiation: techniques that Devon says should be left behind, or at least updated!

  • How much do you think you’re worth?

  • How to practice negotiations -- why Devon says you should ask for the simple things first

  • Devon tells us what to do if you find yourself getting angry or nervous during negotiations

  • Body language techniques: Devon explains how different body poses are often interpreted by others

  • Jen and Devon talk about the importance of practicing your pitch to make your wording crisp and concise

  • Who should start? Why Devon thinks it’s an advantage to give your number first

  • Why life is is too short for us to be not asking for what we need!

You can learn more about Devon Smiley on her website and her Instagram account!