Episode 9 - Emily Kopp: Stop Making Excuses. Do What You Want to Do.

What if you never stopped asking yourself the question: “what do you want to be when you grow up?” Today’s episode is all about following your dreams and enjoying the journey, no matter what road you may end up on!

Emily Kopp is a Nashville based artist known for her "bluesy heartache vocals and pop songwriting smarts”. She has shared stages with Matchbox 20, Brandi Carlile, Rachel Platten, Kenny Loggins, performed on countless national festival stages, and has proven that through tenacity and creativity, one can carve out a space uniquely their own in a career that’s fueled by passion.

This episode includes:

  • Why Emily took a break from touring to “scare herself” again!

  • Emily discusses battling her own insecurities and the struggle of avoiding comparisons to friends in traditional jobs

  • The thrill of working with big name artists

  • Jen and Emily talk beginners confidence when just starting out and the growth that follows

  • Emily talks getting started and playing everywhere and anywhere to gain exposure

  • Jen and Emily discuss the happiness that comes from the in the pursuit of their dreams

  • Jen and Emily talks about the importance of investing in yourself and the financial lessons learned along the way

  • Emily talks about finding community on the road

  • The decision that led Emily and her wife to drop everything and travel the world for a year

  • Emily talks about affordable ways to travel, including ‘WWOOFing’ and ‘Workaway’

  • Jen and Emily touch on the magic that happens when you loosen the reigns and stop trying to control everything in your path

  • Jen and Emily talk about the importance of not comparing your journey to others’ -- we all have different timelines for success






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