EP 69. You're Friends Can't Read Your Mind


We can't be mad at people for not being there for us if we don't ask them to be there for us. This week's episode is all about:

Want to know how to be a better friend?

Talk. Talk. Talk. Talk.

Want to know how I can be a bad-ish friend? I keep things inside. I get upset with a person but I don't tell a soul. I have such high expectations for other people but I rarely do everything on that mighty check-list that I expect others to do for me.

A few days ago I mustered up the courage to tell a really good friend of mine that I was upset with them. That they messed up. That they weren't there for me when I needed them to be.

When I finally spoke those words - everything changed.

"Wait, Jen," they replied. "You never told me what was going on with you. I had no idea!"

"Yes I did," I replied. "Yet when I went back through the memories in my mind and the texts on my phone - they were right. I thought I had told them months ago about a situation but it turns out I didn't.

Instead, I relied on them reading my mind or knowing that I needed them without actually reaching out and asking.

I can be like that. If you are my friend then you are psychic. That's really how I can sum it up.

I made a big mistake. I didn't communicate well. I assumed this person knew what was going on when really - they had no clue. I also expected so much of them without ever telling them.

How can friendship succeed when we don't talk about what's going on with us or what we need from others?

Think about that. Think about that. Think about that.

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