EP 85. : The Best Advice from 2019


Very soon, people are going to start talking about something called new year's resolutions. Unsure if you've ever heard that phrase but basically what it means is a list of promises you make because of all the things you regret from the year you just lived.

Less carbs in 2020 just means you filled up most of your meals with pizza, spaghetti and loaves of bread.

Say I Love You More just means you said a lot of mean things and hardly said sorry.

Do More Self-Care just means you spent more time bummed out by the things you saw everyone else doing on Instagram.

You get the point. Promise yourself this: before you go off and make a list of guilt-driven promises that you'll struggle to keep and feel even more guilty by March, first take a look back at one thing and one thing only.

The start of 2019.

Let's say you could get on a time machine and go back to January 22nd, what advice do you wish you'd give yourself on that date? What would you want yourself to know and to do?

Me? I would have shaken my 2019 baby of self silly, screaming "It'll get really bad before it gets good. Trust what people are saying. You will find ways to go on. You'll even find a way to start a new project and that idea will come to you where the best ideas live - in the shower.

Forget about 2020 and all those promises. Think about you and you earlier on. What did you wish you knew?

I have a weird psychic feeling that is the advice you need to hear now and again, especially with the rattles of a new year about to jerk us all.