Episode 16 - Gaby Dunn: It Doesn't Have to Be Perfect. It Just Has to Get Done.


From being an actress and TV writer to hosting a money-themed podcast, you could say Gaby Dunn does it all (which is exactly how she likes it)! If you have a variety of passions and are having trouble narrowing in on just one to follow, why not choose them all? Gaby explains how she makes it work.

This episode includes:

  • Jen and Gaby reflect on their Southern Florida roots and discuss why they think so many south Floridians have a comedic flare

  • Gaby talks Tumbler and her first experience going viral: interviewing 100 people in a year

  • Gaby reflects on the pressures of trying to keep up with her peers in her early 20’s

  • Why it helps to talk to people outside of your circle to remind you what’s really important, and that there is so much more to life.

  • How Gaby embraces taking on multiple jobs despite being the “odd one out”.

  • Gaby talks about owning your job title and calling yourself whatever you aspire to be, even if you don’t feel quite “there” yet.

  • The Youtube struggle: Gaby talks about some of the backlash she’s gotten from friends and family regarding her presence online

  • Gaby discusses her experiences working for Buzzfeed and why she decided to leave

  • Gaby talks about money struggles and the reasons behind starting her Bad with Money podcast

  • Jen and Gaby ponder why talking about money is so taboo, and the importance of working to change that

  • Lightning round: the best advice Gaby has ever received