Hey, You! Welcome to our very first holiday season together. Here's a guide to help you pick gifts for yourself and your loved ones this holiday season. All the items on this list are sold and created by the wonder members of this group. Support and share when you can!

1. You're Not Getting Any Younger -> So Go For Your Big Dreams Coaching

Need a career switch? A Personal Brand? Want to start a high-five worthy business? Looking to up your current businesses' game? I'm Jen Glantz and over the past ten years, I've started head-turning businesses, been featured on over 500 press outlets, created a blog the has been syndicated all over the country, written two books (through both self-publishing and traditional publishing means), switched career paths a handful of times,  spoken at conferences all over the world, like SXSW, Creativity Next, and She's the First, and made every mistake in the book.  If you have something big and bold you want to do, I'm here to help. 

2. Need New Photos and Live in NY/NJ?

Amanda Stevens is a photographer in the group offering discounts! Check out her work here.

3. Family Health Start Program

Give the gift of good health to loved ones of all ages and we have a special Family Healthy Start Program where kids eat free and a program for people who want to garden all year.

4. Isagenix Coaching

Melissa Conner helps people transform their lives both physically and financially , coaching them throughout.

5. Dietitian and Health Coach

As a dietitian and health coach, Jessica Cording helps people achieve their goals without sacrificing their sanity by making healthy living approachable and enjoyable. Here's a link to her website.

6. Custom Cards/Crafts

The Paper Pinup makes handmade cards with a vintage/retro flair. Follow her on Instagram at @paperpinup or Facebook at The Paper Pinup. She does custom cards and sell at local craft fairs. Perfect for those interested in handmade original cards.

7. Want to Get Cozy?

Stef makes cozy knitted hats, scarves, cowls and ear warmers! In addition to what is in her shop, she also does blankets, baby blankets and custom orders. She is on Instagram @notthesunknits and Facebook at Not The Sun Knits

8. Want Help Getting Into a Healthy Relationship With Food?

As a Licensed and Registered Dietitian, Sarah uses evidence-based practices to help my clients develop a healthy relationship with food and achieve meaningful, long-term weight loss. She can provide in-person or virtual sessions through HIPAA compliant and encrypted software. She is on instagram and facebook Appetite Health #appetitehealth Her website is

9. Are You An ENFP?

Noelle coaches ENFP (Myers-Briggs) women with an ENFP-specific coaching style to help them uncover greater stability, personal power and success. Website is in development but interested folks can access her at

10. SME Leaders

GoWhere Customer Experience Coaching and Consulting ( - helping SME leaders transform their customer experience. 30% off services.

11. Are You a Classroom Leader?

Dorit helps classroom teachers transition out of the classroom through one-on-one coaching. Please contact her via Twitter @doritperry.