Episode 19: Jaclyn Marfuggi - Hustle Harder Than Anyone Else


Do you have the courage to focus on what you love, even when that means taking a pay cut? From side hustles to keep her afloat to the big wins that come with relentlessly pursuing her dreams, Jaclyn Marfuggi tells us stories of following her heart and listening to her gut while navigating the ups and downs of a creative life in Hollywood.

This episode includes:

  • Jen and Jaclyn reminisce about the ups and downs of their sorority days

  • Jaclyn’s double major and how it ties in to what she does today

  • Jaclyn reflects on life after graduation and moving to LA

  • Jaclyn talks sticking with her dreams and believing in herself even when no one else did

  • Family intervention: the time Jaclyn’s family told her it’s time to get a “real” job in a not-so-subtle way

  • Working different jobs to keep her dreams afloat and not taking “no” for an answer

  • Loosening the reins on her side jobs and watching more of her dream opportunities pour in

  • Jaclyn’s favorite thing to drink

  • What Jen loves about Jaclyn’s stand-up and how she sets herself apart

  • Jaclyn talks the ups and downs of stand-up comedy and what made her get into it

  • Playing Britney Spears in a musical: what Jaclyn especially loved about playing her idol

  • Jaclyn recounts some of her interesting encounters with celebrities she’s met

  • Plyojam: Jaclyn’s fitness obsession and why she loves it

  • Speed round: what Jaclyn wanted to be when she was young that ties into what she does today

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