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Updated: Mar 29, 2018

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Do you know that feeling when you’re laying in bed, at 4pm, and no matter how much you want to pull yourself out from under the covers, you can’t. But while you’re there, you’re making yourself feel even worse. You’re opening up Facebook, scrolling through Instagram, watching people on Snapchat, and wondering, how and why everyone else’s life seems so…….so… great.

That was me, on Thanksgiving, in 2017. I had a pile of library books to my left, and my phone, squeezed into my right hand, and i just couldn’t let it go. I cried when i saw people post pictures of their family, their husbands, their kids, and wondered why my life wasn’t anything as cheery as that.

I’ve spent a lot of my twenties comparing myself to others. Was i living my life wrong because i wasn’t married with kids by 25, but instead having what felt like my third mid-twenties crisis? Was i doing something wrong because my resume was a 2-pager, with so many jobs that didn’t last even a year? Was I never going to be married, with kids, because I couldn’t seem to catch a guy’s attention for more than 1-hour, on a first date? Everything about my life felt like a dry-clean only kind of mess.

In 2017, I got in with the wrong crowd, and that crowd was called depression, and it was filled with all these mental bullies, who loved to sit me down, and screen clips of all my moments of failure, over and over again, making me feel so blah. These mental bullies made me this really strange person, who wasn’t that fun to be around, and all of a sudden said things like, “why would i do that? Nothing matters anyway.” or “ i don't want to have any fun?”

I laugh now, but back then, nothing, really, could make me laugh.

Someone once told me that life works much like how you approach cleaning up your room. You let the mess pile up, up, up and then one day, you just snap, and you spend hours cleaning it all up, organizing every drawer, and carefully organizing the clothes in your closet by their color.

That’s sort of what happened to me. After 3 hours and 24 minutes of social media ___, I snapped. I got out of bed, put myself in the shower, and said, “JENNIFER SARA GLANTZ, ENOUGH.”

I talk to myself out loud in the shower, i suggest you start doing the same, because all of a sudden, the next thing i said, was:



I wiped the soap out of my eyes, turned off the water, and ran to my computer.

That’s where it all started. That's when on Thanksgiving night, while others were stuffing themselves with cranberry covered turkey, and apple pie, I went on Facebook, started a group, and decided to create a place where people, no matter where they were in life, or what they were trying to accomplish, could have a home to make that happen, or feel less alone, or stop bullying themselves.


Over the past 5 months, almost a thousand people have joined the facebook group to connect and chat and share.

Which is why I decided to turn this into a podcast, and eventually, into a book.

So welcome to the show, which I promise you will be a place that every single week you can come to listen to the stories of people, just like you, who did something different, something small, something big, something weird, to make their life feel more like theirs and less like what everyone else told them it should like.

Like Laura Hughes, who packed up her life to travel the country in a van… Laurie Davis Edwards, who puts a spin on finding love in the dating-app era, by teaching women how to feel worthy of finding love in the first place.. Rachael O’Brien, who is doing what it takes to make a name for herself as a female comedian. Or Molly Ford Beck, whose life has changed, again and again, just by sending emails to people she wasn’t sure would ever write back.

And then there’s me, your host, Jen Glantz. I have a lot of things that come along with my name, like being the founder of BRIDESMAID FOR HIRE, the author of ALL MY FRIEND AND ALWAYS A BRIDESMAID FOR HIRE, the creator of hte blog THE THINGS I LEARNED FORM, and being an all-around pizza obsessed messy-blonde haired women. From the outside, my life looks glamorous. I go to weddings for a living, and travel a lot for work. I post fun pictures on Instagram and write honest advice about my mistakes. But deep down, I’m struggling. Deep down, i’m questioning. Deep down, I’m fighting for so much make my life the adventure I want it to be.

YOU’RE NOT GETTING ANY YOUNGER, SO...listen up! We’ve got some really awesome shows in the lineup this season, with a new episode arriving every single week - so make sure you press the subscribe button on iTunes, so you’ll always know when the newest episode drops. I’m excited to welcome you to this adventure.

Love always,


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