Episode8 - Lily Zepeda: Embrace Who You Are - Especially What Makes You Weird

Lily Zepeda is a filmmaker who started out as a journalist interviewing diverse subjects ranging from Grammy award-winning musicians to scientists involved in cutting-edge environmental research. In 2013, she began production on her first-feature documentary, The World’s #2 Man ​(working title), and has since raised 1/2 million dollars for the project.

From the power of talking to strangers, to ways to embrace your weird, to how to put your creative stamp on the world and raise money for a project you’re passionate about, this week’s episode will take you on a journey of embracing yourself and the people life puts on your path!

This episode includes:

  • Jen reflects on a life lesson that led her to believe in the importance of talking to strangers, no matter how uncomfortable it can be!

  • Lily talks about the freedom that comes from of embracing your “weird” and holding onto your imagination

  • The question we can ask ourselves to help us get in touch with our inner child: “what did you like to do when you were a kid?”

  • Lily reflects on leaving her corporate marketing job to pursue work that felt more like “her”

  • The pivotal moment that led Lily to decide to start doing only what made her happy

  • How going through moments of messiness can be necessary for breakthroughs to occur

  • Meeting Mr. Toilet

  • Raising the funds for her documentary film: how Lily did it and things to consider

  • Taboos of asking for money and asking for what you’re worth

  • Pitching investors: asking “do you know somebody” vs “are you interested”

  • When stubbornness serves you: how persistence pays off!

  • Lessons in producing and directing a film: trusting your own voice

  • Jen reflects on the questions that bother her, and how each of us have certain questions that bother us for different reasons

  • Lily talks about when her film is coming out and the web series she's working on next

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