EP 30: Lori Cheek - The Secret Life of An Entrepreneur Who Got Herself on Shark Tank


When you start something - anything - people will try to talk you out of it. When I started my business Bridesmaid for Hire, over 4 years ago, people came out of the woodwork to tell me that I was crazy. I remember running into someone I hadn’t seen in years and when I explained my business to them, they shot out a snot rocket of “oh my god….are you kidding me? This is so dumb?”

Today’s guest, Lori Cheek, has always been determined to prove the doubters wrong. Lori is an architect turned Entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of Cheekd— a mobile dating app that makes missed connections obsolete. Lori, a Shark Tank Veteran, was recently listed as "The Digital Dating Disruptor" and "One of the Top 10 CEOs to Watch." A University of Kentucky Architectural Graduate, Lori is no longer building structures. She's now building relationships.

In this episode, we chat about:

  1. How Lori got the idea to start a dating app before it was the norm to use dating apps

  2. Why the “in-person” quality was important for Lori when she created the app

  3. How Lori marketed the business herself, in person, around NYC

  4. What entrepreneurs secretly have to give up in order to fund their business

  5. What being on Shark Tank is really like

  6. How to deal with rejection, people discouraging you, or self-doubt

  7. What first steps entrepreneurs can take in the first 30 days of starting their business

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