Episode 10 - Rachael O'Brien: Everyone Tells You to Work Hard. Nobody Shows You How.

What does it take to be at ease in your own skin, to dive head-first into the uncomfortable, to -- pose as your own management company to get people to take you seriously!? Today we talk with stand-up comedian and actress Rachel O’Brien about doing what it takes to follow your dreams, no matter how many odd jobs you may have to work along the way! Rachael can currently be seen on Bravo’s hit TV show Vanderpump Rules, which recently aired its new season.

This episode includes:

  • Jen Reflects on the importance of believing in our own jokes

  • Rachael details her recent experience with a popular genetic testing product

  • What Rachael majored in before moving to LA to pursue acting

  • Rachael talks about making the transition from acting to comedy

  • Rachael talks about being comfortable in her own skin and what it took to get there

  • The price we pay for our dreams: Rachael discusses working multiple jobs to get by while pursuing her dreams

  • No manager? No problem! Rachael talks about the time she got creative and posed as her own management company with her boyfriend playing the part of ‘booking agent’

  • Jen and Rachael discuss dealing with haters and what they really think of the phrase “get a real job”

  • That one time Rachael almost fell victim to a scam agency

  • Rachael talks Vanderpump Rules

  • Speed round: the best advice Rachael’s dad ever gave her