EP 44. How to Become an Expert in Being Yourself (Rachael O'Brien - Comedian)

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This week on the show we have the wonderful comedian, Rachael O'Brien, and I chat about things that most of us think about, constantly, but are too scared to admit. Things like:

-What happens when you Google medical symptoms or yourself

-How to deal with nasty people on the internet

-The best ways to own who you are - no matter how weird you are

-What to do when you want to become friends with someone but don't know what to say

-How to own the things you're embarrassed by

-Should you reach out to be people if you're feeling sad?

"If you're going to be an expert in anything, it should being you. Own who you are. Even the bad stuff." - Rachael O'Brien

Meet Rachael:

Rachael can currently be seen on Bravo’s hit TV show Vanderpump Rules, which recently aired its new season. You can learn more about her: