Ep 24: Radha Agrawal - How to Make Friends & Feel Like You Belong

Updated: Aug 30, 2018


Sometimes communities can be hard to keep together. Friends move away, people change, and what once was a group of solid connections can dissipate as the years go by. But community is important -- so how do we continually foster communities in the real world? Today’s guest is an expert on just that. Radha Agrawal is the the cofounder of Daybreaker and THINX, two revolutionary brands making a positive impact on the world. Today Radha talks with us about the power of friendship, social entrepreneurship, and the importance of creating value in order to create change.

This episode includes:

  • Radha describes Daybreaker and the “why” behind throwing parties at sunrise!

  • Radha talks about why Americans are so often physically starved for affection

  • Radha’s advice for those looking to get away from social isolation and create communities for themselves

  • Why taking a good, long look inside of ourselves is the first step to building community

  • Radha discusses the qualities she’s looking for in friends, and the qualities she needs to embody to attract those type of friends

  • Being aware of the energy you bring to a room -- how to show up as your most authentic self

  • Radha describes “F* Yeah Friends” and where to find them!

  • Radha talks about the importance of finding our “outer core” and “inner core” communities,

  • Jen and Radha talk about friendship evolution and why it’s OK to find new communities of friends

  • Radha’s advice for introverts: why you may not have found the right people yet

  • Why Radha gave up a career on wall street to become a serial social entrepreneur

  • Speed round: what Radha wanted to be when she grew up vs. her dream job now

Learn more about Radha here.